Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Something exciting: I got my diaper bag today. I am so proud of it! It is exactly what I wanted. The only reason I got it was because I found it on amazon.com. They have the best prices.

Well, it has been a very busy summer and I have not posted anything since the beginning of June. I thought I would post a few pictures from this summer so you can see what Alan and I (and future baby Morris) have been doing. I guess the summer really started for us the second weekend in June when we traveled to Iowa for one of Alan's High School friend's wedding.

Alan and I at the wedding.

From left to right: Alan, me, Scott (groom), Whitney (bride), Katie, Garrett, Emily, and Doug. All the boys are now married.

After the wedding, we rented a car and drove over to Chicago for a short vacation (and to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary). This picture was taken off Navy Pier. We did a lot of great things in Chicago, but one ofour favorite memories will always be attending a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field (a first for both of us). The Cubs did loose to the White Socks, but it was an incredible game in an incredible stadium. Check out the seats Alan got us.

I have had the chance to hang out at the pool (which is the best things for a preggo woman in the summer) with some of my firends and their kids. Here I am with Andrew (Anne's son).

I went to Keller to visit college friend April and her daughter Haisley. Our daughters will almost be exactly a year apart. Looks like I will be swimming with baby Morris next summer. How fun!

ason (and mom Carrie) join me at the Plano pool. Mason is 2 years old and loves the water.

All the kids had fun at Connor's 1st Birthday Party. Megan and Randy throw a great pool party! Connor really enjoyed his first piece of cake.

Kai (John and Jae daughter) was only 3 months old at the party so she spent her time just relaxing in the shade. So cute!

Asher (Amber and Aaron son) is almost 7 months old at the party. He was taking a break from swimming so I decided to hang out with him on the lawn.

We celebrated my brother buying his first home (in Plano). It is a perfect house.

Rhonda, Alan's mom, came down to Dallas to help make baby Morris' bedding. Actually, I was just her assistant, since my sewing skills are not that great. I did the measuring and cutting.

Sadly at the beginning of the summer my best friend Carine and her family moved to Arkansas. Of course, Tessa, her precious daughter, went with them which made me incredible sad. In late July they were at the lake visiting Carine's parents and I got to drive down and stay with them. In this picture, Tessa and I hang out on the dock as the sun sets. She is constantly talking, walking, and exploring. Since she is 2 year old, she is also constantly telling people "No" and showing them what to do. I LOVE it! It is the best age. I am not sure what she told me in this picture, but it must have been something good. Look at my expression.

I told Carine I was going to hang on to this picture and show it to Tessa when she is older. I figured she will get imbarrased that she had a little butt check hanging out of her adorable swim suit. It sure made Carine and me laugh.

This summer our community group has been doing a book study on The Shack. After group one night in July, we all went to dinner at Babe's in Carrolton. I have lived in Dallas my whole life and never heard of this place until now. If you have never been, you need to go. Delicious!