Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Daughter's Perfect Day
I have tried so hard to keep Aubrey's days and night consistant. I know that you can not expect a baby under 1 month to be on a "schedule", but I like her to have some consistancy day to day. Well yesterday was anything but consistant. First I had to make a unexpected trip to the doctor to have something check out. The only time they could work me in was during one of Aubrey's feeding. So, off we went to Mommy's doctor at 11:00, Aubrey half fed and Mommy feeling guilty. Luckily, I was able to finish feeding her while I waited an hour for the doctor. Very thankful there was a wait today!

After the appointment I had to run up to church to finish some last minute things for the Women's Christmas Luncheon. Again, Aubrey was perfect! She slept the entire time. We have been trying to stay home as much as possible to avoid all the illness out there, so it was fun to see so many people "ooh and aah" over her.

Finally we got home and I tried to get us back into our routine for the remained of the day. We went on our afternoon walk with Caddie and then had our early evening feeding. Everything was going great! Aubrey was asleep and I was working on school stuff. At 9:30 I get a phone call from Alan saying he got a flat tire on his way home from his business dinner. No big deal because USAA was on their way out to fix we thought. At 10:00 I was preparing for Aubrey's last feeding before putting her to bed when Alan called and told me that the car had to be towed and he needed a ride. So, I decided to forfeit the feeding and put Aubrey in the car to go get Daddy.

I was so thankful that Aubrey was still willing to sleep because she should have been eatting. Instead, she slept the entire time! I knew I had to prepare myself for the possibility of a hard night, since so much had happened during the day and she was so late for her last night feed. When we finally got home, sometime after 11:00, we had a successful feeding and it was off to bed for everyone. To my surprise she was right on schedule the whole night, waking up every 3 - 3 1/2 hours for feedings. Wow!

This morning I woke up very surprised that our daughter was not yet awake. When I went into her room I found her still asleep in her crib with a little smile on her face. I tried to get a picture of it, but of course the light on the camera (before the flash goes off) made her expression change, but I thought I would still post it. The smile reminded me not to stress so much about her. She is a trooper! Have I mentioned how much I love my daughter!

Aubrey Speaks - All Bundled Up

Mommy thoguht it was cold today, so she made me get all bundled up. I think she thinks I am going to get a cold. Oh well. At least I looked cute for our walk.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kai Comes Over to Visit

Our friends John and Jae dropped their daughter off just for a little bit so they could drop into a party. Unfortunately, Aubrey was asleep so Caddie and I entertained Kai. It was so much fun. I got to try our some of Aubrey's toys. I can not wait until Aubrey is this age. We will have so much fun.

Caddie thinks it is her job to protect any kid that walks through our front door.

Kai exploring shapes!

Kai loved this toy.

Mommy and I had a very busy week! Here are a few pictures from this week.

Tuesday - Today was my 2 week appointment with my pediatrician. He was so nice. The good news is my weight has gone back up. I went from 7 lbs. 8 oz. to 8 lbs. 5 oz. The doctor said everything looks great (and he made a note in my book that I was a very cute baby). Yea!

Wednesday - Mommy dressed me up to go the dealership with her. All we were doing was dropping off the SUV and getting a rental, but she still had to dress me up. I slept through the whole thing, but she did tell me later all the comments people made about me!

Wednesday - Tonight I finally had my first real bath. No more umbilical cord for me and no more sponge baths....YEA! I liked this bath a lot better. I was in warm water the whole time.

I was even calm when Mommy was drying me off. Of course, I cry when she puts lotion on me. It is so cold. I don't like being cold.

Thursday - It was prett cold in Dallas so Mommy layered me up for our daily walk. I was definetly warm enough. I fell asleep almost immediately.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Mommy and I wish we were at the game with Daddy!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Friday - Auntie Carine bought me the cuties lovie. I love it. I didn't even cry during my diaper change today.

Don't laugh at my fat cheeks. Mommy is a really bad photographer. Look at this picture, not my best angle.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Right now I have more fun watching Aubrey during her playtime than she does. Isn't she cute?

Tummy Time - It is still not fun for Miss Aubrey, but she is trying.

Everyday we send Daddy a picture of the day. Aubrey is always the one making the comments. Here are some of the pictures from this week.

Tuesday - Daddy I miss you. I took a bath and put on my new favorite onsie. I LOVE you!

Wednesday - I have not been myself today. I think I might be growing. I am wanting to snack on Mommy all day and she is not digging it. I guess she realized I had been fed enough and that I was crying because I was just tired. So, she made me go to sleep. Here is a picture I took right before my nap.

Thursday - Yea, Auntie Carine came to visit me all the way from Arkansas. I had just had my bath and was ready for play time. She is so much fun!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Somedays Aubrey loves bathtime.

Somedays Aubrey really doesn't like bathtime.

Warm water feels so good.

Daddy takes really good photographs of me!
Mommy is mean. She makes me do tummy time.
Big Sister Caddie loves to help during tummy time.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Our friend Jae made Aubrey's onesie & skirt.
Our family picture.

Aubrey's nurse begged us to stop by the nursery on our way out so she could show all the other nurses Aubrey's going home outfit.

All the nurses that took care of our swwet Aubrey.

The first time in the carseat. We had to double check to make sure we put her in correctly. It was weird to leave the hospital with something/someone you didn't have when you first arrived.

Our sweet girl slept the whole way home.

Hospital Visits

We had lots of visitors at the hospital, so we thought we post some pictures from our stay at Medical City Dallas.

Alan's TV

Alan's and other guests side of the room.
My side of the room.

My TV!

My Mom, Cici, with her new grand-daughter!

My dad, the proud Grandpa (but I hope Aubrey calls him Grampy)

My brother, Uncle Brian!
Four generations of ladies, Mimi (my mom's mother), my Mom, Me, and Aubrey.
Uncle Brian, Grandpa, Aubrey, Me, and Cici - Proud Family
My mom's cousin Susan came by to visit us at the hospital.
Alan's Grandmother, my grandmother (Mimi), and Alan's Grandmother's sister, Aunt Minnie

Alan's mom (Mimi Rhonda) meets Aubrey
Alan's dad, Papa Mark

Alan with his mom, Duaghter, and Grandmother

Alan with his Grandfather, Father, and Daughter!


The night after delivery, Jae and Amber stopped by.

On Sunday, college friend April stopped by to meet Aubrey.

John, Alan, and Aubrey

Cari with her sons Tyler and Cale, Me with Aubrey, and Amber with her son Asher.

Ossenfort Family with the Morris Family!

After church on Sunday, Tommy and Kari stopped by to meet Aubrey.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Aubrey Lynn Morris Has Arrived!!

Aubrey Lynn Morris was born Saturday, October 3rd, at Medical City Dallas. She weighs 8 lbs and measured 20 1/2 inches long. She has a full head of dark hair. And of course, mom and dad love her to pieces!

Before delivery and the epidural.

Daddy took her first picture. She hadn't even cried yet!

Ahh, finally she cries. What a relief for mom and dad.

Aubrey gets check out by the nurse.
Getting all bundled up.

Family timewith mom and dad after delivery.

This is mom's favorite picture. Look at Aubrey's eyes. She is trying to check out her daddy.
Her first trip to our room after being cleaned and checked by the nurses in the nursery.

Daddy changes Aubrey's first diaper.