Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Somedays Aubrey loves bathtime.

Somedays Aubrey really doesn't like bathtime.

Warm water feels so good.

Daddy takes really good photographs of me!
Mommy is mean. She makes me do tummy time.
Big Sister Caddie loves to help during tummy time.


lmsteele said...

Kathryn!! She is PRECIOUS! What would it feel like to have a girl? I have a house full of baseballs and golf balls! Hopefully I will get a sweet little girl in here or live vicariously through you! You look great. Hope you are adjusting well and enjoying your time with Aubrey. They grow so fast...I'm sure you have heard. Thanks for letting me in on your blog. It is fun to keep up. Hope I meet her soon.

Kristi said...

She is just so beautiful and I can't wait to finally meet her!!! Also, can't wait for she and Noah to play together :)

Love you girl!