Monday, April 13, 2009

Alan and I got to take a trip to Santa Barbara in March, thanks to Bank of Texas. They rewarded one employee in every department for their success in 2008. Go Alan! Of course, I was not able to full enjoy the trip to the wine country (since I can not drink wine), but I was so thankful that I felt good the whole trip. Yea, second trimester! Here are some of our pictures.

Bacara Spa and Resort - I went on a hike and this was the view of our resort.

This was the room......beautiful! It had a great bathroom, but of course I forgot to take a picture.

The pool....heated!

One of the views we got on our limo ride through the wine country.

The outside of Oprah's house in Montecito, CA. Our limo driver was her driver at one time, so he drove us by it. The is not much to see from the front gate, but its was still exciting!

Outside one of the wineries we stopped to visit.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Well, I guess I have officially entered the world of blogging. I really was looking for a way to keep family (both in and out of town) up to date on our pregnancy. And of course, a way to share pictures once the baby is here. This seems to be the easiest way. Hope you all enjoy it.

Alan and I are so excited to be on our way to parenthood. I am in my 14 week and things are great! Our first doctors appointment was on my birthday, February 26th. At that appointment we got to see the heartbeat. I think we were both expecting to hear a heartbeat, but quickly learned that it was too soon. Then, on March 25th we went for our 12 week appointment and got to here the heartbeat. Now, that was exciting!

Keep checking back for new bump watch pictures and updates. I will try to update it once a week. Love!
Since I am just now getting my blog started I want to backup and share how we told our parents. Both of our families joined us for a birthday lunch at Cibus on February 8th (we were only 5 weeks pregnant at the time). I had called the chef and asked him to design a topped for the cake that would let everyone in on our surprise. Cibus was awesome! NOt only did they design a perfect topper, but they even set us up in their private room. Here are some pictures from the lunch at Cibus.

Delicious cake.. I would highly recommend it.

All who were there: (left to right) Brother-Brian, Mom-Cindy, Dad-Tom, Me, Alan, Al's Mom-Rhonda, Al's Dad-Mark