Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Since I am just now getting my blog started I want to backup and share how we told our parents. Both of our families joined us for a birthday lunch at Cibus on February 8th (we were only 5 weeks pregnant at the time). I had called the chef and asked him to design a topped for the cake that would let everyone in on our surprise. Cibus was awesome! NOt only did they design a perfect topper, but they even set us up in their private room. Here are some pictures from the lunch at Cibus.

Delicious cake.. I would highly recommend it.

All who were there: (left to right) Brother-Brian, Mom-Cindy, Dad-Tom, Me, Alan, Al's Mom-Rhonda, Al's Dad-Mark


Justin and April said...

I didn't know how you told your parents. What a great idea!

Rachel Terrell said...

I love the way you told your family!!! What a great idea ;) I am excited about your blog and as I can figure out how in the world to post my friend's blogs on mine, then I will put yours up! Hope to see you soon!