Saturday, December 26, 2009

Aubrey's First Christmas

Christmas was amazing. We had Christmas with my family and Alan's parents joined us this year. It was so much fun for everyone to be together for Aubrey's first Christmas. We are so blessed.
Christmas Eve Day!! This was her "hanging out at the house" outfit.

Aubrey was our "Santa Baby" this Christmas!

Just hanging out with Daddy because Christmas Eve dinner. Yummy tamales.

Grand-Mimi sang Aubrey to sleep on Christmas Eve. So cute!

On Christmas morning, the family goes in to see Aubrey after she woke up from her morning nap. It is so cute. She smiles so big when you say "Good Morning".

Alan is so excited to open his gift from Aubrey!

Grampy opens his gift to Aubrey.

Grand-Mimi bought Aubrey a sweet little outfit at a store called Little Lamb in Richardson. It has a cute hat that goes with it.

Cici picked out this outfit fromthe Children's Place. Dress, hat, tights, and a bow...Aubrey is set!

Uncle Brian gave Aubrey 8 Dr. Seuss and 4 Eric Carle board books. Aubrey loves them.

Daddy bought Aubrey an outfit for cute. He picked it out himself.

The front of her onesie says "Santa's" and the back it says "Helper".

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