Monday, May 18, 2009

It's a girl!
I know it is hard for the average person to tell, but those three lines in the picture above shows that it is a girl! Alan and I were blessed to have the opportunity to get a 3-D sonogram last Tuesday. That was the first time we had really seen the baby. I couldn't believe the doctor said she was 98% sure it was a girl. Then she took another look, at a different angle. and she became 100% sure it was a girl. So it is offical! We really feel blessed that the baby is doing so great. Her heartrate was 136, she opened and closed her fists, played with her feet, practiced her breathing, and she even looks like she was praying at one point during the sono. It was so amazing to watch her on the screen, moving constantly. We are trully blessed! Praise the Lord!

There she is from the side. This was the first view we saw. Doctor confirmed that the "black spot" is her bladder. Her spine also looked good. Tghe spine is the white curved line.

She was playing with her fingers and toes. She was really performing for us during our visit.

I know this picture is a little weird, but we love it because she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs. In this view her legs are crossed. She also has her hands up by her face.

Alan loves this picture. Her umbillical cord is right next to her face, but you can see her arms and hand so clearly. Her facial features are so clear.

This is my favorite. Her hands are together, right in front of her face. The doctor said "She looks like she is praying." What a wonderful thought. She has a lot of people who are praying for her.


Andrew's Mommy said...

Sweet Baby Girl! I'm so glad to be along for the Morris Baby journey! Thanks for sharing!

Kristi said...

She's beautiful!!!!! So glad you got the pics posted. It does look like she's praying in the last sweet.

Love you guys!

Justin and April said...

How exciting! It makes it so real when you see the baby moving around. Yes, I am praying for you guys. Pregnancy is a journey but a wonderful one!