Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend with Friends

We had a very fun weekend. Alan, Aubrey, and I had family time Saturday morning. We took Aubrey with us to Einstien's for some breakfast. She was perfect. She loves to people watch. Then Saturday afternoon Tessa and Carine came over to visit. They are visiting from Arkansas and this was Tessa's first time to meet Aubrey. She loves her. It was so cute to see her want to take care of Aubrey. She is going to be a great big sister when baby Rappaprot arrives. Then to finish the day we went over to John and Jae's Saturday night for dinner and a movie. Of course, Kai and Aubrey got to have some play time before we put them down for the night. What a perfect weekend.

Aubrey's first trip to Einstein's.

Tessa's first time to meet Aubrey.

Tessa loved her instantly. She kept asking, "I hold baby Aubrey Aubrey now?"

Tessa and Aubrey

The baby boy Rappaport (still in mommy's tummy).

I love to read to Tessa. She loves books!

Aubrey and I go to the library every week so Tessa had a lot of books to chose from.

Jae loves to play with Aubrey's hair. I am not sure this hairdo is a good look for Aubrey.

Kai and Aubrey hang out. I don't think they know what to do with their new hairdos!

My favorite part of anyday is bathtime. Aubrey and I have so much fun, but we had even more fun with our friend Kai. Jae had bought Kai a bubble machine and Aubrey thought the bubbles were very interesting. Of course I rushed out the next day and bought her one.
Bubbles, bubbles make bath time so much fun.

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