Monday, February 15, 2010

OKC Here We Come

We were already planning to head to OKC to visit Alan's parents this weekend, but loosing our electricity pushed us out of town a little earlier. It was such a fun weekend.

Papa and Aubrey just hanging out.

Aubrey's first time trying rice cerel. She was not sure what to think.
"Yuck! What are you feeding me mom?"
"Why do I keep eatting this stuff? It has a bad taste."

We left the snow in Dallas, but I guess it followed us to OKC. This was Sunday morning before church. Luckily, by the time church got out the snow was gone. Literally, we walked out of church and there was no snow on the ground. Amazing!

Mark and Rhonda showing Aubrey off!

Proud grandparents!

The family

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Erin said...

I love reading all the Aubrey updates! She's so precious!