Monday, February 15, 2010

NOT snow much fun..

So, everyone can agree that Dallas looks beautiful in the snow. And anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE snow. But after this weekend I think we can all agree that Dallas is not designed to handle a big snow/ice storm. So when the biggest snow storm in Dallas' history hit us last Thursday it presented all sorts of problems. It started with me being really late to work on Thursday and ended with our power going out on Friday morning around 12:30 am, followed by a tree branch breaking and falling on the roof of our house (thank goodness we are renting right now). With our house loosing heat ever minute, Friday was spent at our family and friends homes.
Thursday morning - Taking Aubrey over to Grampy's house. It took us twice as long to get there.

Arriving at my parents house at 7:30 in the morning. Some yards already had snowmen built and dressed. Man, kids sure are eager to get up early, for anything but school.

Picking Aubrey up after school Thursday. The snow was really coming down.

When Aubrey and I got home, Daddy had already started his snow fort in the front yard.

All our neighbors were out Thursday afternoon. This family had the best snow people on the block (and they weren't even done).

Friday morning, after spending the night in our home with no heat, we headed for my parents house around 7:oo am. This was the view from our garage.

I love Lake Highlands because of the trees. You can see how beautiful they are from this picture I took. However....

many trees did not make it. Our neighborhood lost a lot of trees. I guess that is what caused us to loose power.
A nice warm breakfast and Grampy and Cici's. Then it was time to play.

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