Thursday, March 25, 2010

On March 25th, my mom and I took Aubrey to the Dallas Pi Phi Eggstravaganza. It was at a park in Dallas. There was a petting zoo and an Easter egg hunt. We had so much fun. Aubrey's friends Asher, Conner, and Kai met us there. Even Daddy showed up to watch all the fun.

It was a cold day, but we still wore the bubble dress that Auntie Carine bought. So cute!
Aubrey's first time in a petting zoo. She loves her touch-and-feel books, so it was no surprise how excited she got when she touched this real bunny. She loved it!
Aubrey was not interested in this bunny. She was watching the little goat that kept following us around.

This piggy was a "wee" overweight. Kai and Jae stopped to feed it. Fat piggy!

Aubrey's boyfriend Asher was so scared of the animals, at first. Then he warmed up to this little fella.

Us with Amber and Asher

The egg hunt was great. They had a section for 2 and under. Aubrey found three eggs, with a little help from her Cici.
She wasn't interested in what was inside the egg, only on trying to figure out how to get it in her mouth. Sweet baby.
Connor, Aubrey, Kai, and Asher...with the mommies.

The egg hunt was on Kai's 1st birthday. Happy Birthday Kai!!

Here is the whole crew: Randy and son Connor, us, Jae and Kai, Amber and Asher

Thanks Cici for being the photographer for the day. It was so much fun.

Loving on Daddy.

What a fun time. We will be back next year!

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