Saturday, March 27, 2010

We went to Kai's 1st birthday party on March 27th. We had a blast.
Happy 1st Birthday Kai!!

Aubrey with her daddy

My sweet girl!
Mason and his dad preparing to test out his party favor (a kite)!

Family shot, facing the sun

The 3 A's - Alan, Aaron, and Aubrey

Asher swings in Kai's new swing

Aubrey's first time in a swing. Obviously, she loved it. Once we find our new home, dad will be getting her a swing.

Kai got a little scared during her "Happy Birthday" song so her mom held her while we finished. This was taken right before she took her first bite of cake.

Just the girls!
Here is a video of Aubrey's first time in a swing. It is hilarious!!

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Justin and April said...

Okay that video is so cute! Yeah, daddy better get a swing and pronto!!!! :)